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This November, let’s send a message that we will defend our rights, demand economic and social justice and elect candidates who will stand with us.


Ballot Measures


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VOTE Yes on Proposal #1

The measure would permit individuals 21 years-old or older to use marijuana recreationally, and to grow up to 12 plants. It creates a tax of 10 percent on marijuana sales at retailers and businesses. Revenue goes to local government, K-12 education, and transportation infrastructure. The measure legalizes the production of industrial hemp. Municipalities are allowed to ban marijuana within their boundaries.


VOTE Yes on Proposal #2

The measure creates the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission that will draw both congressional and legislative district lines. Selection process occurs through the secretary of state’s office, with 13 commissioners randomly selected from a pool of registered voters. Four members would self-identify with each of the two major parties, five would be unaffiliated/independent. Current and former elected officials, lobbyists, and party officers are not eligible.


Vote YES on Proposal #3

The measures provides for: automatic voter registration, casting a secret ballot, for overseas voters to receive a ballot 45 days before an election, register to vote by mail up to 15 days before the election, same-day and election-day registration for the final 14 days before and on election day, straight-ticket voting, no-excuse absentee voting, and election results auditing.


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