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This November, let’s send a message that we will defend our rights, demand economic and social justice and elect candidates who will stand with us.


Ballot Measures


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VOTE NO on Amendment #7

The measures requires employers to provide benefits to surviving spouses of first responders if they die while on official duty. It requires the state provide benefits to surviving spouses of active-duty military members who are killed. It requires a vote of 9 members of the 12 member board of governors to increase college fees. And it inserts the higher education structure as it exists into the constitution.


VOTE NO on Amendment #1

Increases the amount of a home’s value exempted from property tax. The $25,000 between $100,000 and $125,000 would become tax exempt except for school district taxes.


Vote YES on Amendment #11

Removes discriminatory language related to real property rights. Removes obsolete language repealed by voters. Deletes provision that amendment of a criminal statute will not affect prosecution or penalties for a crime committed before the amendment; retains current provision allowing prosecution of a crime committed before the repeal of a criminal statute.


Vote YES on Amendment #4

Restores the voting rights of Floridians with a felony conviction. Excludes felons convicted of murder and felony sexual offenses.


VOTE NO on Amendment #6

The measure adds a list of rights for crime victims, popularly known as Marsy’s law. It increases the judicial retirement age from 70 to 75. And it prohibits state courts from deferring to an agency’s interpretation of state laws.


VOTE NO on Amendment #10

The measure adds a state Department of Veterans Affairs, creates a state office of Domestic Security and Counter-Terrorism, requires the legislature to convene sessions on the second Tuesday of January in even-numbered years, and prohibits counties from abolishing certain local offices such as sheriffs, tax collectors, property appraisers, supervisor of elections, and clerk of the circuit court. It also requires that those positions be elected positions.


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