Building Power & Policy in Defense of Black Lives

Years from now, your children or grandchildren will ask

"where were you?"

in 2020 when a global pandemic destroyed thousands of Black families and millions in Black wealth.

Young Black man stands on street during the daytime wearing a tee-shirt that reads “i love my history, i love my culture, i love my people, i love me”

They’ll ask "what did you do?"" when the country was led and fed by hate, division, and racism. They’ll ask “who was by your side” as millions of people took to the street in the name of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. They’ll ask you did you march? Did you protest? They’ll ask you did you vote?

We are living in unprecedented times and we can’t be caught watching while the most important election in a generation passes by.

All Black Lives Matter

Whether it’s obvious or not - Black Lives are in the balance up and down the Ballot. To win the future for our families, we have to use every tool at our disposal. Elections decide the quality of our schools, the purity of our water, the pay at our jobs, and the safety of our neighborhoods.

No one is coming to save us.
We’ve taken to the streets but there’s still work to do on the Block and at the ballot box.

And when your children ask
you where you were in the
fight of our lives, tell them

you were there

in November and beyond.

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