Black November Shopping Season!

Black November marks the kickoff of shopping season and the start of major discounts by retailers.

Notably, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Black Friday, are one of the best times to shop as retailers are willing to sacrifice their margins for volume.

So, should you be taking advantage of Black November.

Yes, for retailers who offer major discounts, you should definitely take advantage that the Black November offers.

Also, you might want to hold out until all the Black Friday offers are exposed, about a week or couple days before Black Friday.

Why Black November?

Black Friday has become so huge for both retailers and consumers that many retailers have started special price reductions starting November 1st.

In couple years, Black November itself could become one of the biggest shopping seasons, if it isn’t already.

Where to find the best Black November and Black Friday deals?

Check back with our blog as we will be updating with some of the best Black Friday resources and thank you for visiting!

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